How Do I Get Started Making Money With Android?

I am looking to make money developing Android apps and games, but I am not sure where to begin.
I just graduated from college a few months ago (studying computer programming), and have been dabbling in mobile development recently, so I have programming experience.
However, I’ll admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed by what comes after actually creating (or “reskinning”, if that’s a more lucrative option) the application.
I am hoping that someone could direct me towards some resources or provide tips/advice on how to starting publishing and making money.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

First of all welcome to the forum and the world of making money with Android!

If you are the newbie and would like to make money quickly, you should go App Reskinning because it will save you times and effort.You can start publishing your apps or games immediately within a week.

However, creating the app by yourself is also a good way to make money, but it will take times.

As I understood your situation, you want to make money quickly. So App Reskinning is your best choice!

Thank you!
It looks like I’m going to start reskinning some apps.
So what about monetizing the apps? Which way is best: IAP, ads, paid apps?
Thanks again.

I recommend Ads and IAP. Android users tend to like free apps, so Fremium model is the best option.
According to my experience, revenue from ads is way better than IAP and paid apps.

Cool, thank you for the information!

making money from Android Apps? Here’s what NOT to do -

Become Jealously Protective Of Your Idea
Play At “Business”
Try To Design The Next Facebook
Avoid Taking The Path Of Least Resistance
Do Everything Yourself.

While in the process of building your games, check out the community at
We have thousands of developers all which are very good at helping out when they can.

As far as monetizing your app, once you are near completion, we have a few options available to help you!

Good luck!

Ads, IAP, paid app, subcription, freelance, indirectly through brand awareness, selling script/template, etc

There are a lot of ways, depends on your creativity.

Thanks, everyone. Good information.

Avoid Taking The Path Of Least Resistance. Once you’ve chosen a simple app idea for your first project, the next step is to start making it. Now you’ll be presented with a lot of options: you can use an app builder, you can use Android Studio, you can use Basic4Android, you can use Corona.