How do I get 10k initial users for my app without spending much on marketing?

How do I get 10k initial users for my app without spending much on marketing?

Dear @advik94,

Your desire to get 10k installs is pretty natural, moreover it’s principally required in order to be promoted in Google Play.

Concerning money spends -[u] the most reasonable and affordable is incent traffic[/U]. I mean you can buy motivated installs and in such way to boost traffic for your app.

Many developers spend their budgets for promoting outside of Google Play - but my point of view you need to know tricks and nuances of Google Play promotion as this market proposes a lot of possibilities and having well-marketed app will allow you to get a lot of revenues in future.

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Here are some methods can help increase initial users for your app.

App Store Optimization
App store optimization, it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app stores’ search results. The higher the app ranks in the app stores’ search results, the more visibility for app potential users. The more potential users it reaches, the more downloads will generate. Follow the following tips to do app store optimization:

App title - Put the most important keywords in app title, which can increase your app ranking by 10.3%.
Keyword research optimization - For app store optimization, the key part is choosing keywords, because just like SEO, keywords play an important role in the app store ranking algorithm, when you choose keywords, you should take relevance, competition and traffic into consideration, there are many app keyword tools you can use to analyze the keywords, such as App Annie, Search Man, App Tweak, SensorTower etc. For a new app, target those app which has low competition and traffics is a good choice, because they are much easier to rank for.
App screenshot and video - Using attractive screenshots and videos. Maybe these factors can improve your app ranking directly, but they can increase the download rates, the more downloads your app get, the higher your app will rank - improve your app ranking indirectly.
App description - Add 8~12 keywords in description, which are beneficial to increase app ranking in the app stores, especially for Google Play.
Get as much as app reviews - Reviews are part of the app store algorithm used to calculate an app’s position in Top Charts and search results. Apps with positive reviews are positioned higher than competing apps using the same targeted keywords. [b]Buy app reviews[/b] is the fastest and most effective way to get positive reviews.

Face to face advertise
Face to face advertise is useful, when you meet your friends, classmates, relatives or other people you familiar with, you can ask help from them, ask them download your app and promote your app to their friends.

Promote app in related forums
Forum promotion is a cost-effective way to popularize your app. In this step, you need to attract a great number of followers by various articles. Then add your app link in articles and signature, which will not cost much money. But it’s a long time fight, you need persist.

Use the fame of Internet celebrity
Recently, this methods become very popular. Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some internet celebrities. Collaborate with these people can quickly build up your iOS apps’ identity and gain recognition in related fields. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in a social network like Facebook or Twitter. Promotion by the third-party seems to be objective and acceptable for customers.

[b]Buy keywords search installs[/b]
Keyword search install will include the usage of certain keywords which users are going to type while searching for an app. Keyword install will ensure that your app is popped up in the top list. Buy keyword search installs is the most efficient way to boost the keyword ranking, about 8~10 hours, your app ranking will be improved once a campaign is activated. This is also the most effective way to increase app downloads. I highly recommend you have a try on this methods.

Great thanks, Mangosix. The tactics you mentioned surely help me to get valuable downloads of my app in the store. Thanks for sharing such great ideas with us.

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