How create Google Play new account

Hey guys,

I’m researching for how register and get approved for a new Google Play developer account. No, my current account has not been banned, but I just want to have some apps in different accounts, in case one account gets banned I don’t lose all my published apps.

Have some of you done this? How?

I know we should not use the same IP for logins from different accounts and of course not use the same credit card (not even with the same name) for registering.

So we need VPN and anonymous credit cards. The VPN part is easy. But i’m struggling for a way to use anonymous cards. I already check out Entropay but I have problems funding the Entropay card, and others VCC providers doesn’t seems very legit.

Do you guys have some advice? Or maybe know some credit card solution?

Thanks. And please forgive my english :frowning:

Probably posted this in the wrong section…maybe even something not allowed on forum.

Wrong section.

I think this has been discussed here before - though no real info there maybe - but it seems some developers have this issue and probably create new accounts using other folks in their development team ?

This topic has been discussed before - I searched for the thread but VBulletin has a crappy search. Anyway, I can fill you in.

If you’re going to be building crap apps that are likely to get banned, then multiple accounts are a must! I personally purchase accounts from people on oDesk/Elance, which I find to be the easiest way to go about it. However, there are some people (such as the people I buy accounts from) that have figured out how to use Pre-paid debit cards, or virtual credit cards, to create the accounts themselves. Unfortunately, people who have figured out how to do this reliably and consistently do not often share exactly how they do it!

I hope this helps!

Great, thanks for your responses.

Apparently asking someone else to open the account seems the best way to go.

Hey pwndroid, how much do you usually pay in Elance/oDesk for each account you open?

$85 an account. I’ve paid as low as $70, but 85 is the norm. I’ve heard others paying less but I’ve found a steady supply at $85.

So how does that work - the google play account is in someone else’s name - with the $25 initial fee already paid ?

After that there is no occasion where one needs to identify oneself to Google right (for purposes of app) ?

Everything else then is other ad networks etc. For Admob what does one do - you use your real name to get the cash ? And that is ok (i.e. when developer’s other account is banned, then Google does no cross-correlation to disallow other stuff).

im also interested in to this topic. how can we use VPN to change the IP?

my internet connection is dynamic ip, which means i always get a different ip when i connect. i have 2 google play accounts. im logging in to the first account with my regular browser. and in order to login to the second account, i start a virtual machine and use the browser of that VM. (i also reconnect to change the ip)

do you think this is secure?

also i have used a credit card and an online shopping debit card to create accounts. the card numbers are different but my name and the address is same. will that be a problem?

im using admob for a single developer account. i think it would be risky if we use same admob account for multiple dev account(not sure). but i don’t think there is a problem with other ad networks. they just need the money. nothing else.

$40 bucks did it for me.

Are you outsourcing from Elance/oDesk too?

Great, thaks for sharing your experiences.

I think for others ad networks than AdMob there is no problem, you could use the same account. But probably for AdMob you should use different accounts and even different Paypal/Bank accounts to receive the money.

If you have different IPs every time you connect then that’s ok. And just to be sure it’s a great idea to use a VM to connect with the other account, so you don’t have any cookies or something cached that could identify your two accounts. But I think that using your cards with same name and address could be problematic, but I’m not sure if Google checks for accounts registered with the same card number only or cards with same name and address too.


Thanks for the info. im gona buy another account from elance / odesk or freelancer. can any one please send me a pm with the link that you bought the account?

For 80$ per account I can offer unlimited anonymus developer accounts (working within 2-4 days).

PM if you’re interested.

if we buy a google play account which some one else created, is there any way to check whether that CC has been used to create another google play account??

Hello, i saw that you’re looking for G-Play accounts. I have fresh G-Play accounts for sale. Bulk price only for 60$ each. And YES, those $25 for subscription is paid. Also the accounts are verified with National ID + Bill - for more questions you can PM me.

I wonder if that is the reason that people are reporting getting their 20 accounts banned one after the other (even though they have no violation of Google ToS as far as they can see) - if they are buying from some of these resellers (who are also selling to other developers) - then just one misbehaving developer could get all the accounts of the reseller banned (thus getting your bought account banned as well).

I agree. It’s just risky…