How can you tell where your users are coming from?

How do you know if you have been listed on some chart, or featured somewhere, etc? If you see a spike in downloads, how do you figure out where they came from?


Normally I do daily check on google results for new entries (just search it, and select “last 24 hours”) - you can also setup a google alert … but I don’t found that much reliable for me.

(you have to start to ignore pointless “podnova” and “softwareinformer” spam entries)

This way you always know, when someone has mentioned your app somewhere around.

I don’t know if there is another way, cause unfortunately it is not possible to integrate adsense into your google play sites (big miss from google…) - I would love,when this would be possible

I use two techniques - Google Alerts, and Distimo Monitor.

Google Alerts will let me know if a popular website mentions my Android app (which happened a couple of times with Micro CPU Monitor)

Distimo Monitor can automatically detect if my app has reached the top charts for many countries, and will display this info on the dashboard when I log in to the site. I’ve found this tool invaluable for looking at my app rankings (mainly in retrospect), and figuring out what impact the top/trending charts had on my app downloads.

I signed in on Distimo Monitor but it is only showing stats for amazon, not for android :confused: I’ll have to dink around with it some more. Thanks!!

I just joined distimo - very nice (it is still collecting some information i think).

@corvidapps you need to connect your google play acc. in order to get your apps in … it will need a little bit of time until they have collected all information I believe

Also checked out Distimo on David’s recommendation. Very nice indeed! Depending on the market they do mention a time lag for initial data gathering.

David: With Google Alerts are you just alerting on name or can it do URLs to stores as well? I hadn’t considered this - I currently only use Alerts to monitor for postings containing my e-mail addresses / name.

Thanks David for info on Distimo. I have for a long while wanted to know how my apps are ranked from different countries and i had to use free proxy websites for this. What i like about them more is the fact that they give more info about other countries with fewer downloads that would have otherwise been stated as “Others” on google play.