HOW can I make an UPDATE LEVEL system by a THIRD PARTY server?

Hi everyone!

> I’m developing a word game. My game has a lot of levels (each level has a image). So my apk size is so big if I just use the normal update system from PLAYSTORE.

> I’m trying to find the way to make the update system easier and lighter by using a third party server like dropbox,, google drive… But until now I has no answer for this

> Please help me. Thanks a lot

You could reduce the file size by scale down the image quality.
Also, using third party server to load images is also not difficult…? But all the free service you mentioned is having limit. What is the problem you facing?

Because I want to update my levels every weeks so I’m afraid that the file size will increase more. And I tried to reduce them but it doesn’t address the problem totally beacause I also want to keep the image quality at a acceptable level.

My problem with dropbox, box,… is that I don’t know how to download a file into my app with a folder link. I wonder if there is any third party service to solve this problem

Thanks you

Try its pretty easy to setup and also very powerfull