How can I increase user engagement with ads?

So I have an app with a solid user base but the impressions I get are very disappointing is there a way I could increase user engagement with ads without annoying my users? Im using a variety of networks thanks guys

Mobvista could provide the customized icon as lucky draw leading the users to the ads

Are you looking to get your users to engage your app more often?

Or are you looking to get your users to engage with ads more often to drive ad revenue?

Shoot me a PM, I’d love to help out, whether or not you use Unlockable as a monetization strategy.


Depending on what kind of app you have, you could offer in-app virtual currency as a reward for your app users when they interact with ads.
If you’re interested to hear about Supersonic’s ads that do that, see [b]here[/b]. or PM me if you want more tips! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hi there,

Start from the beggining - where are your ads located? how many ads are there? PM me with your app name/URL and I’l take a look.