How can I increase my revenue from Admob?

On february I integrated Admob ads into my game which is text based game like Lifeline. Now it only supports russian language. My daily impression is nearly 30-40K, however, I only earn 3-4$ a day. How can I increase my revenue? Should I translate to other languages? You can find it from this link:

Try appodeal, 30-40K impressions enough for using mediation. You can increase your revenue from admob and at the same time use other ad networks. Very comfortable that you need to download only one sdk.

Hi, guys!
According to the situation what you have said, you want to get more revenue from Admob. Actually, in order to achieve this goal, you should translate it to different languages for it will gain more potential audiences and have more bigger market.
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Like mentioned above, I would look into translating your game so it would be more accessible by different geos.

If admob isn’t working out for you currently, you could add more networks to your waterfall or use a mediation network.
Some networks don’t perform well in certain geos. I have not seen this from admob before but adding other networks in the mix would never hurt.

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