How can I change package name of a jar file

Hi Guys,

I have an older leadbolt SDK that uses notification ads. I still get like 70 cent - $1.20 ecpm rate on my notifications and I would like to make a batch of new fresh apps but a lot of outside markets have the old leadbolt SDK blacklisted, Samsung allows notifications again as long as you place in the app description that the app contains ads in notification tray and icon drops, I can use new sdk’s from other ad networks but I want to use leadbolt so How can I change package name of their jar file?

I still make $10-$20 a day on this app that was published back in 2012 using Leadbolt. It gets about 2500 new installs a day on Mobogenie


There is a tool called: JarJar.

That’s nice that your app is performing well and to change jar file package name first copy your jar file to project in a folder. Then go to your project and right click on your project and choose to build path and then choose configure build path. Now select libraries and select external jar file and select jar file from your jar file folder.

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Useful information that you all shared. thanks.