How ASO is avoiding unnecessary mistakes?

1, No repetition of keywords

When you use keyowrds analyst at any platforms, your task is clear. No any keywords repetition in title, introduction, description and also keyword itself. It is to comb all the keyowrds you have chosen and make confirmation to use proper keywords and scour your app trend. Using comma instead of space to optimize your keyword selection. Building your own keywords lexicon and arriving at an accurate forecast of your keywords’behavior.

2, Deep research before adding keywords.

You need to figure out the relationship between your keyowrd and its popularity and search index. The effort of great analysis platform is really worthwhile. Just as much as it used to be. Choosing different kinds of platform,like appannie, appmanta, sensortower will be a great help for your own analysing.

3, Adapt and check the rank of keywords

Two types of keyword we need to pay more attention. Keywords with high search index are highly related with product and has great competition. On the contrary, keyowords with low search index is no longer such a good choice of app owners , and thus may not be a useful guide to future keyword selection.

4, Description!

Description is the main part of CRO. The first five lines of description have spillovers. An app usually put its main description in the first five lines and also the gains may be realised by another one——the completion of the content. High quality users will check all the contents in your app description, whcih means the description is so vital for your potential users.