How are you taking promo videos of your apps?

To the devs that have promo videos, how are you taking them? I just got done doing some where I used my digital camera to make a video and the muxed in clean audio (instead of using the camera mic for audio) using movie maker. I’ve seen some promo vids where it looks like they are able to capture a video of their app directly from the phone output. Does anyone know how to do that?

yes, you can get screencast… Jusr read about recording screen in new Android (in documentation)… There is such option in new SDK. Very easy to use.

Since I use libGDX which allows for running on desktop I just record on desktop (using desktop recording software). And I record sound by connecting audio out to audio in in my sound card (other ways failed).
Although the built in function of newest Android is probably better (I don’t have any device that supports it yet, though).

hire a freelancer or buy some gig on fiverr

@javaexp - do you know someone who makes nice videos, preferable whole trailers for cash? Fiverr is fiverr, people often do crap there because the price is very low. :slight_smile:

edit: Although after looking at fiverr if you buy gigs for more than $5 maybe the video won’t be bad? Some require even $40.

I had hired one guy off odesk to create videos in bulk for app promotion but it all depends upon what kind of quality you want.

You can make a video from your device when you are playing your game or app. To do this install software or take a gig from fiverr.

Download and install Bluestacks App Player on your PC. This enables you to play your Android games on PC. Use CamStudio to record screen activities and produce avi format videos. Both software products are free.

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