How are the apps by 6677g created?

I see that this developer have created gazillion of the same type of apps, and probably making millions of dollars with the same concept.

I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of framework is used for this kind of apps? Is it a game engine or is it a another technique to create apps with this look and feel?

we cany judge that they are copy paste,although its on similar themes, u got to say they make great graphics,and money :slight_smile:

They are copy paste only. Check following developers too:

WTF all are copy paste.
Changed the character/Background/Icons and you are done.

Wow, He must be making Millions/Billions. is’t it?

I think they are using Adobe Air , as all these games are Flash based ,
This account has 500 App , is this is the maximum !?
anyway if he is getting 20 $ for each game a day , he is making at least 10K a day :slight_smile: has above 1M installs on most of those games…

Are apps made with Adobe AIR responsive enough with regard to performance or just like HTML5 apps?

And how are they ranked so high all of the time…

One very important lesson that I’ve learned over the past few years, is that an average app with great artwork will ALWAYS do better than a great app with average artwork. These apps are a prime example of why it’s so important to hire an artist.

Well, Pou is an exception. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. I have someone do my icons and promotional graphics, and the game I’ve started I’ve purchased some nice-looking graphics and have a third do some of the characters.

Is Pou the creator of 6677g?

I guess he’s talking about
(never heard of it before tbh :p)

I don’t really get how this can have 100M-500M downloads, I guess its creator must be pretty rich right now :smiley:

Ah, you think it is flash? Possible. I was mainly curious of how you create graphics and UI like that. Like mentioned in the thread, I also believe that a mediocre app with very good graphics gets much more downloads…

@Zumzum - children love Pou and it’s probably IAP gold mine. I was also surprised how popular it is.