How am I doing? (admob stats)

So in July last year I finally published my app to the play store. Here are my approx admob stats up until now:

Requests : 3.7 mill.
Fill Rate : 99.6%
RPM & eCPM : $0.15
Total Revenue : ~$550

How am I doing? (at least average?) Is there something more I should be doing? I am looking for App Walls to add in my “More Apps” sections (awaiting reply from ~3 networks atm). I really don’t want anything that I myself don’t like in other’s apps and that includes icons, push notifications, anything even remotely intrusive. But there’s got to be a better way than just banner ads… Any ideas? Kindly post here (or pm, if you want to)

Anyways, here’s my app:

Completely free, it’s called “Hacking tutorials”.


Where are your users from? What ad types are u using? $0.15 eCPM seems to be quite low. We got 3.1 mill impressions and have made $4.300. (eCPM = $1.27). We use Admob´s banners & interstitials


I use banners ads only with a single interstitial at app exit.
Do you mind giving me a link to your app? I’d definitely like to check it out.

A third of my impressions come from US, a fifth from India … then it’s UK, Canada and others.

Could I be doing something more?

Its the one in my signature :wink:

With those demographics, you should be doing way more i guess.
Whats your CTR? What ad company are you using?

I think you have to be more aggressive in your Ad strategy ,
Also you can try to use PPD Ad networks ,
you can check StartApp and sign from my referral link in my signature for a signup bonus

Yes Definitely! I’ll have to be more aggressive… :open_mouth:

I really hate StartApp … I saw their app drawer that’s “always there” in another app and I would never add that to my app.
I reckon I’m going to start experimenting with interstitial ads and other networks too…
@BaksaiApps My average CTR is at around 0.26%… I know that’s very low I’ll have to seriously redesign ad placements…
(Great app btw! I’m hooked XD)

let´s compare it to my stats:
3.8 M impressions (over the last 6 months)
eCPM 5.57
CTR 10.9
Earnings: $21.150

An eCPM of $0.15 is really frustrating.

By the way, I was using banners only.

I think there is not much to do about the banners, i mean, you can put it on top or at the bottom of the screen (i suppose you are showing them all the time) and that´s it, right?. I read somewhere that reading apps (yours might be considered) got lower CTR than usual because you are spending a lot of time focus on the text, so you don’t really pay much attention to the banners. Games, on the other hand, have some natural pauses (level completed/failed) where banners can attract users attention.

Interstitial should work good in your app :wink:

I get around 40-60k impressions a day. I just found my mistake. I didn’t put my banner ad in a <FrameLayout>… It was in the Scrollview so it just went out of view and kept reloading in the background while not visible. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before XD, but then again I don’t really care about getting paid all that much. It’s just a hobby, but still I do want to be at least average.

I’m looking into In-App payment options too, now that I’m upping my advertisement, to provide an option to remove ads.
@armando, wow that’s quite impressive! …thank you for the stats… I thought this was just as much as banners get! (freaking $0.15 eCPM) …ahh, I guess now I’m on the right track :slight_smile:

Watch out, it is insane CTR for banner :cool:

10.9, Hell yeaa. On good days I got like 0.5%.
But I’ve been doing it wrong all along, so what do I know :frowning:

Although 10.9 would be pretty amazing :open_mouth:

Those must be extremely interesting ads, if they compel one in ten users to click on them… I call shenanigans.