How am I doing?#2 (Admob stats)

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So, earlier I realized a 10 cent eCPM I was getting was indeed ridiculously low. Thanks to the fellow members of this forums I seem to be heading in the right direction now. 7-8$ a day, not at all big, but certainly better than 2$ a day. I’m currently in the process of advertising more aggressively (I’m spreading it out over a few updates)…

So, given the impressions I’m getting daily, how do my stats look? Any input at all will be appreciated :smiley:
(See below for my app link)

I can’t find out what the hell is up with the zero interstitial impressions, I reckon it might be because of the “old” admob (New one not available for me :confused: )
I did write them an email, but wasn’t really expecting a reply and didn’t get one.

I think you have to work on user engagment. I have 120k active installs with 20k daily users and this brings me 200k impressions per day. I think you have the same install count, but users are not comming back.

I’m way too far away…
Actually my total installs are just over a 100k and just under 30k current installs. But then again my app is sort of “one-time use”. I’m working on several things to expand my user base, retain more users and better engagement…

If you are still using the old Admob, then I believe you have to be invited to use their interstitials. That was always how it was before the new Admob came out anyway.
I’d have a look and make sure you’re actually being paid for the interstitials you’re showing, otherwise you might just be giving Admob free traffic.

Any special reason why the new Admob is not available for you? i think you would increase your eCPM noticeably

I started using interstitials on the old admob, before the new admob came out. No invitation, just followed their instructions on how to add them. They were paying me for them too, so I don’t think it matters if your on the old admob or new to use interstitials.

But how do I even check that?..
I might check out some other ad network and drop admob altogether if a better option exists…

I reckon it’s a country problem, but I’m not sure…

But then, what’s up with the zero impressions? Even if I am or am not allowed to use the ads, I am showing them in the app - at least it should register the clicks. They work perfectly and are very much visible.
As far as I remember there’s no such problem according to admob on their integration page, but I did found a google group page that was having the same problem since over a year now. It’s seems to be pretty much random… :confused:

One of the things that stands out to me is your CTR. From your 2-04-14 stats your making about $0.11 per click, which is really good. But your CTR is why your eCPM is low. If you had a normal CTR of about 2% you would be making close to $79 for the day you made $11.56. I don’t know what the best ways to improve your CTR rate is, but I would work on that. Don’t put your banners next to buttons or anything like that, which would get you banned. But maybe take a look at the advertisers your using and try turning some types off/on, or also try adjusting your refresh rate. Adjusting the refresh rate really doesn’t have much affect but some refresh times work slightly better than others.

Yes, I’ve also heard that it works for some, and not others. Don’t know why.

You did create a separate ad unit for interstitials like it says in the instructions, right? Just check if that ad unit is generating revenue.
For me, the “intersitial impressions” column was always showing zero, but I was getting paid for clicks. Probably an Admob bug.

Woah woah woah! Hold on!
You’re saying I need to get another PUBLISHER ID or something?

I just found this on the integration guide:

Declare the instance
Create it, specifying an AdMob Ad Unit ID distinct from any used for banners

I am damn sure the last line wasn’t there a few months back…
I’m using a ID that’s something like “asd76asduhasd69sad” in my banners… For interstitials, I just copied this! :open_mouth:
I’m going to bang my head on the wall if this was wrong. :mad:

But I can’t seem to find any option or even a mention of “Ad Unit ID” or something like that in my old AdMob dashboard. Will I have to ‘create’ a separate app to get another ID? …
This is annoying me :-/ I might drop admob altogether…

I was at your point as well a few weeks ago, when I recognized I used the same app ID for both banners and interstitials. However, don´t worry, the interstitials will work anyway, no matter which app ID you use. The only difference is that you don´t have a seperate reporting.

Admob can go to hell. I just integrated Tapjoy offerwall and videos in a corner of my app, and I’m going to use their interstitials also for the time being. I’m done with admob, might move to MoPub + mediation banners too :mad:

And anyways, should interstitials + banner eCPM be 20-30 cents? I’ve heard it go like 4-5 times that. I’m going to start experimenting for myself now…

Depending on the type of app you have, if you have a daily active user base of 20K you can earn an additional $.01 for each active user… That means $200 extra USD. Again all depends on your ARPDAU. PM me i can show you how.

I’m not going to defile my main app with the likes of Widdit homebase, push notification, icon adding etc. I’m experimenting with all ad networks that make do with Internet and READ_PHONE_STATE permissions only. Plus, anti-virus triggers are StartApp are also a big NO, no matter how much revenue I might get.

If your method agrees with all this, I’m all ears.