How Airpush Notifications work?

I was wondering if some of the developers here have any idea of how notification ads on Android do work.
When a user installs an app and starts it the first time, then his device is initialized at e.g. Airpush that it is ready to get push notifications.
But when the users uninstalls the app, how does Airpush recognize that the device should not receive any push ads any more.
Would be great if some one could explain me how those push ads actually work :slight_smile:

The SDK is packed with the app, so the SDK gets removed when the app does. This is what I’ve gathered anyway.

That is correct A1ka1inE,

Once the app is removed the user will not receive anymore ads (whatever ad units you have enabled). We also provide opt out options for the users with our Opt out app or the user can manually opt out on our website.

Hope this answers your question.

Hi Phil.Airpush,

I have integrated Airpush’s push notification ads in a couple of my apps. So far the yeilds are quite satisfying. However I would like to control the contents of push ads delivered to the users. Is there any filtering mechanism for Airpush’s push ads. ?


Glad to hear you’re satisfied with revenue. You can exclude dating ads. This can be found in developer dashboard. Select your app and go to the bottom of the page and you will see an option to exclude dating campaigns.

Thanks for the answers.

Another question. Is it possible to get the push notifications only pushed on demand. So when the users starts the app only? I didn’t find such an option.
I would like to use the airpush notifications, but I don’t want the users to be annoyed day and night by those notifications, I think to send notifications while they are usning the app is much more user friendly.


Unfortunately that option is not available, although if you are worried of annoying your users you can decrease the push ad frequency. We designed our push ads to be sent externally so developers can monetize 100% of their install base not just active users. Also our push ads are only sent to the users from 9AM-6PM so they will not be disturbed in the middle of the night, unlike some other networks.


Last time I checked, LeadBolt offers the “push on demand” feature. You can set whether the notification shows at a particular interval (scheduled) or immediately (on demand).

My Ques: Is it possible not to vibrate user’s phone on notification ad?


Yes - and it is very easy.

Just don’t include the vibrate permission.

Will that also be applicable for appbucks, startapp push/incon ads?

I would imagine so, just check that the Vibrate permission is counted as “Optional” in the SDK docs to be sure.

ehm, what virbrate permisson? In my manifest there is no such permission that allows vibrate. And it still vibrates.

Besides, the option for 1 push ad a day don’t work, on my test devices I already got today 4 push ads. Please stop kidding the developers Airpush.