Housing/Rent/Mortgage/Land Ownership Discussion Thread

With the current COVID-19 pandemic situation affecting everyone on a global level, a lot of people are concerned about living situations and making payments. As is such, it may be very helpful to the TL community to have a specific thread where people can discuss such issues and help each other out by giving support and advice.

I think this thread already exists.

I completely agree with you. It would be very good to create a dedicated thread for this topic. I haven’t seen this thread on this forum either. It so happened that just before the pandemic, I took a house on a mortgage. I was very worried about this. I was very afraid that the terms of the contract might somehow change and I would not be able to pay this mortgage. However, Mortgage Broker Newcastle, who advised me, assured me that everything would be in order and nothing would change. Everything is written in the contract. So I calmed down.