House Ads idea

Lately I’ve been working with several mediation networks, so far the results are not bad but not really the expected, even with more than 6 ad networks setup the failover process seems not completely working as I roughly get 60% fill rate. Because of it I ended up creating my own mediation server but still not using it for ad networks, just for my own house ads. This implementation gave me good results in terms of install conversion rate, then is where my question comes as right now I have no new apps to promote and I want to take advantage of such good implementation/install rate. So do you know if there is any ad network which I can get the link for they inventory? (with my string Id of course :)) , Or maybe do you have any idea how can I use this in my advantage?


Hey bradolh - if you have a good install conversion rate for house ads it means that both you’ve done a good ad implenetation + the house ads resonate well with your users. My suggestion would be to try to find a server-to-server mediation partner that could work well with your existing ad implementation and try to access and leverage their inventory (fill rate + eCPM) through the programmatic API interface they’ll provide.

If you want to simplify things even further, you can search for a flexible native ads SDK that will enable you to replicate exactly your existing good-performing ad implementation while also providing a standardized way to access their mediation inventory with a fail-over logic to your house ads. One such example is Avocarrot and you should look for the custom native ads placement.

Hope it helps!

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your reply.

but what I’m looking is more like a simply link that points to an existing APK on GP, this link will contain the string id that identify myself on their backend. I was just curious if something like it is possible but i’m afraid that’s not :slight_smile: I will to take a look to a flexible native SDK as you points