House ads Banner Policy


i collaborate with well know music artist to create my app, and i asked myself if it’s possible to create a banner that can promote these artist. So the name and a picture of the artist will be on the banner, and when the user click, he will be redirected to the artist website.
Is it conform to the Google Ads policy ?

Thanks you very much

AdMob doesn’t allow it. So you can’t use admob house ads for that (you can only promote your apps through that house ads), but you can use other means (static banner / other network that has house ads etc.).

So if i use MoPub it’s in the rule ? i only promote physical person, it’s a way for these artist to me more known .

I believe MoPub orders (their house ads) allow it but it would be best if you read their policy first to make sure.

Thanks, i’ll check it and to be sure email the support.
I’ll give a feedback here.

Thanks Magnesus

UPDATE: MoPub support told me that it is allow! so everything’s good.