Homebase Widdit

From what I’ve read, Widdit monetizes with a lock screen and is paying for each active daily user, with the rate of 1 cent for US, or half a cent for non-US. I find these rates pretty good and would be interested in integrating their SDK, But I’d like to hear some feedback on them first. Does anyone have any experiences with them?

update revenue maybe a problem.
ex: yesterday i got 55$
this morning report is 41$

where do you find their revenue rates? @VanThanhThien - how many imressions/uses is for $55?

@VanThanhThien can you tell more about Homebase Widdit?

@VanThanhThien, do they pay on time?, what´s the net payment? Are they paying the rates advertised?

From their post found here:

What means “active user”? It is every user which unlock device at least 1 per day?

i start using them about 10 days ago, payment is really good, you get 1 cent for US user and 0.5 cent for non US, the most important part is that they pay this amount every day as long as the user have your app on his device, they pay net 45 and there dashboard updated each 1-2 days

Do you have all their permissions? I can’t add some of them… Without e.g. sms permissions - it won’t work?

yes all permissions, add them from the website not the pdf and choose manual update

I still don’t understand the concept of active user…

Day 1 = 200 U.S downloads that finally converts to 100 U.S Active users (100 uninstalls) = 1$
Day 2 = 80 day 1 active users (20 uninstalls) + 150 day 2 active users = 250 active users = 2.5$

I’m right?

do you mean that today they say that you get less than what they said yesterday? did they reduce the $55 to $41?
how do your users like this product? do you see complaints?

If my application has 10000 non U.S. users I every day earn 10000 x $0.005 = $50 ? In single month my revenue for 10000 will be 30days x $50 = $1500?

yes, your right this is how it works

it happens with me too, and the dashboard has not been updated for 2 days (including tonight)

This is very interesting ad network, but where is the hook?

Looks like net30, not net45? Do they offer anything better for large amounts of traffic?

Potential payouts look too good to be true if they are paying for DAU.

Obviously the amount of crazy permissions will hurt downloads and ratings, but then again it’s a better system than Push/Icon/PPD combos in my opinion.

I am going to test it out on some old apps and see how things go.

i asked about it, its net45, they have something other than the homebase for websites that’s why some info are mixed

it looks interesting… and the payments should be crazy(even for small amount of active users)… It must have something that we left, probably the meaning of “active users” should do the trick. How do they actually count the active users? Are they the one who has launcher on, or what will happen if they will not use launcher.? Or they will use it half day or few hours…
Questions questions…

Followed the SDK docs exactly and the lock screen doesn’t get installed on any device I’ve tried. EULA comes up etc and no errors in logcat etc.