HOMEBASE WIDDIT lowering scores and daily installs

Any one face this problem ,widdit make a huge lowering whiteout any real reason for daily installs and app scores

so sad, looking for new ads network

Sadly yes - they dissapointed me a lot. I got AppScore - 100 (assured by widdit’s support that my apps are good), but after remove widdit’s SDKs from my apps, because afraid of ban hammer - my app score drops to 77 :). So apps are still very well, but if you aren’t with us why we don’t have to pay you :).
Sorry Widdit - but how it looks like.

yes it sucks, got appscore of 50 and the active users are decreasing while active users on google play are increasing?!?!
got 100k active users and google and just 17k on widdit, yeah right…
bye widdit…
good start bad ending

Better than minimob. When they pays 0.05$ for install they count about 30% - 40% installs. When they pay 0,02 they count normal it is strange.

My score is 40 and also counting is huge problem .

my earnings go from 250dollars per day to 12 in one month ? 30 k daily users to 3k so funny :frowning:

I can not even my bank account number in to their panel. I have sent an email to Idan S. and no reply till now. Have any one received any money from widdit?

Anyone can recommend something what does better then Widdit now? also have low scores and some other problems with widdit

They have always paid me net45 on time but through paypal, not like some other ad network that I dont wanna name :smiley: (appwiz) that scam people.

My appscore got down too after google banned my app.

Yes I have been paid by Widdit but user installs are not accurate. Dash board is very slow. I liked there lock screen at one time but now its very buggy. I keep waiting around for them to change. Still no luck. I will most likely remove them from my app due to crashes. They started out good but now they are failing to keep up as a quality network.

In need of new similar ad networks!!! Anyone!!!

You could give appOptim a go. Similar idea to Widdit and the others, but I can’t vouch for their compliance as they are new.
Here’s my referral link if you want $25 bonus for first 100 downloads: Mobile Ads network & apps Monetization - appOptim

How are you doing with them. Is the sdk stable? Widdit sdk causes many crashes

10 crashes from 5.8k downloads.

Well not every crash is that bad, any user notes or bad ratings due to these crashes?
I average 8k app launches a day in my most popular app. That would be 15 crashes a day with active users if its a repetitive bug. Currently I have almost 5 a week

Do they really pay $50 RPMD as advertised. would love to sign up under you old friend :slight_smile:

Well 8 of the crashes are from a NullPointerException. I would imagine they’ll be patching the bigger ones up sooner or later. The way I see it is crashes are inevitable anyway.
Also, that 10 crash metric was over 6.9k active users (same app). 1 negative review referring to a crash from a user since putting the SDK in, that’s out of 11 total reviews since putting the SDK in.

Obviously have a look over the SDK yourself as it at the very least needs an EULA to become compliant with Google Play, although they do not provide one as they are a multi-market network.

Hey man, the $50 RPMD is for US and Canada.
$20 RPMD for EU, AU and NZ.
$10 Rest of World.

New network so obviously I can’t vouch for them yet, but everything works as advertised so far.

Ok ok, I have a hard time trusting these new companies. Even the old ones make mistakes sometimes claiming to be compliant. Then again it all comes down to Google law on what’s good or bad. How often does appoptim dashboard update?