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Hi all has anyone experienced the nightmare we are having. We live in a apartment with a large terrace in January we had a call stating water had damaged the flat below ceilings. We contacted our insurance company immediately , who promised to be there as soon as possible, three failed appointments they did not arrive. On inspection we were told it was from the terrace but it was a community problem, we waited and waited for the insurance report, still waiting 2 months later, community keep insisting our fault due to bad maintenance. Insurance sent expert out who insists community matter, the neighbours are threatening court action, the insurance insist we don’t do any work, feel sorry for the neighbours and the language barrier doesn’t help. HELP

I wouldn’t say I like apartment buildings because of cases like this. Living with neighbors on all sides is very uncomfortable. I managed to live in an apartment once when I was in college. My friends and I rented a small apartment, and I can tell you it was a terrible time. You have a complete lack of personal space, and you can’t go out and enjoy the solitude. It also always pissed me off that I couldn’t arrange all my stuff the way I wanted. Now I’m building a house, and with the help of residential architects, I can create a layout that meets all my wants and needs. For me, that will be the best indicator of comfort.

The internet makes it incredibly easy to compare insurance policies and prices from different providers. There are numerous online tools and websites that allow you to input your insurance needs and receive instant quotes from multiple insurers. This enables you to evaluate your current coverage against what’s available in the market, ensuring that you’re getting the best value for your money.