Hindi text in android apps


I want to show hindi text in my android app and have used the “mangal” , “devangiri” fonts which work fine in android 4.1 and 4.2 but some characters don’t render properly on android <4.0.

have posted question on Hindi font with API level 15 (aka Android 4.0.2) - Stack Overflow. but still no full proof way to show hindi across older android versions.


I asked this question on the web for another topic about MySQL workbench and they suggested Monospace and it worked for all languages. Maybe it’ll work for android too?

you can always include your font in the assets and use it from their ,
if the font supports your language then there will be no problems

That’s what I am doing as of now, but the hindi fonts which have tried are tearing apart in android api < 16 (<android 4.0.2). you can see screenshots on the stackoverflow link I provided above.