Highway Bike Rider - Wild Race

Why people always think all bike racing games are not providing fun, but Highway Bike Ride android 3d game is developed for the purpose of fun, thrill and excitement with stunning features.

3D Graphics
Bike wheeling, use thunder sign for wheeling
Gather coins as much as you can to unlock sport bikes
Tilt Screen to move
By passing a vehicle very close enough will allows to get a bonus

Highway [b]Bike Rider[/b] a racing game with well established features you can enjoy the speed of sport bikes on highways.

Highway Bike Rider 1.jpg

Nice game but do the change in Software they is not to be work properly

Cool game, but I like to ride my e-bike around the city better.

Nice to meet the same thinker on the forum. Give me a good e-bike that I can buy for $ 1000. So far, I have liked a few e-bikes on this list. What do you think of it?

it is very interesting for me too