Highly unusual adSense/adMob activity

I have a game on the Play Store which has started to generate a highly unusual amount of page views from the Philippines.

The reason this is unusual is because

a, the game is only in English
b, the number of adverts that have been served would mean at worst 32 people have suddenly downloaded and fully completed the game and at best 350 people downloaded and played 4 levels, neither of which my download numbers support.

My app is getting a steady 6-7 installs per day.

Any idea what this might be?

Is it a case of “word of mouth” at work? One of my programs suddenly got a load of downloads in Ireland over a couple of days. I just assumed it’s someone showing someone else, and so on… or facebooked around friends! As long as it’s not costing you money then I wouldn’t worry.

Whilst that would be nice (but unlikely as I live in the UK and don’t know anyone from any other country), I’ve had the Play Store download figures leading up to the 9th and they just don’t support these ad view figures.

It is true it isn’t costing me anything nor should it be worth spending time on, but I’m the type of person who can’t rest until figures make sense (I work in accounts :D)

I too live in the UK, and over the last two days suddenly got loads of views and downloads from the Republic Of Serbia - Some things are just sent to puzzle us!

Is it not possible that this many adverts in a country such as the Philippines would that make adMob only send low quality adverts?

Your app is likely mirrored on other markets that use Google Play as a proxy. I get about 20% of my downloads from sources I cannot find.

It could just be a flurry of pleased users that are spending a lot of time on it too.

I see. I’m still quite new to development so I’m not well versed on things like this. Still seems strange with it being an English only word game

Lot of people speak fluent English in philippians despite having Spanish as native language.

They do not have spanish as native. Their language has many dialects but the most common is tagalog, also known as Filipino and has been influenced a little bit from Spanish . Other than that, you are right, english is understood by almost all. It’s a good region, even though low rpm, decent traffic

Well it seems they got the game from somewhere and like it. Have great volume of traffic considering how often adverts don’t appear. Shame I can’t get the same in US or UK. Can’t win them all I guess

Asia’s economy is climbing, so a lot of new Android users from the area. My audience is mostly from Indonesia though I market worldwide, I don’t know why.