highest paying video ads network

I have an endless runner game which I’m considering adding a feature which would allow a player to continue playing from the same point where they die in exchange for watching a video ad. since I’ve never done this, could you guys recommend a high paying video ad network. Cheers.

I don’t know if there are high paying ad networks out there… In my experience they just worth $0.001 per completed video…

I’d say the top 3 are Adcolony, Vungle and Unity Ads. People often have problems with fill rates from those networks, so you can also try to mediate them on your own. Unity Ads delivers a good ecpm. I don’t know the ecpm rates of Adcolony and Vungle though. I don’t use them anymore, because their results were bad, but this don’t need to be the case for you also.
That would be an ecpm of $1. We earn 5 times more with a completion rate of 96%. :o

Ones I know of that have good payouts:

  • Adcolony
  • AerServ
  • Unity Ads

Most of my users are annoyed with Video ads… :slight_smile: I got bad ratings and that is why I stayed with mobileCorebecause I have high eCPM with them ranging $1 - $5 daily.

We use them as rewarded videos for gems. I am also against showing Interstitial videos, thats’s just too much.

Although we are not an incent network, at Airpush we do have video ads available with good fill rate and solid CPMs, along with all our other products. Our SDK has call back listeners to determine if an ad is being shown and you should be able to use that for your purpose.

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What is the average fill rate and CPM?

With the current inventory we have, the fill for just video ads averaging 20% with a CPM of $4+. To get the best fill using our whole smart wall with all of the available ad types.

Also other call back listeners on the SDK check if an ad is not available to fill the request, and you can cascade down to another network to fill it.


No single video ad network will provide excellent Fill rate globally. That is why its important for publishers to utilize mediation to ensure they’re increasing overall CPMs and fill rate. Certain networks have strengths in specific regions of the world, while some may only have good fillrate in the US. We support various top ad networks through SDK and API, such as: Vungle, AdColony, iAds, InMobi, Millennial Media, Admob and more. This makes it easy for you to test new ad networks and see which ones perform best for your apps and traffic. With our API integration you can remove or add networks on the fly without having to republish your app. We offer branded video ads which are NON performance based. Mixing up your campaigns types with CPI/CPV/CPM will be beneficial and typically results in higher engagement levels and CPMs.

Give AerServ mediation a shot - https://www.aerserv.com/