High CTR for ADMOB

I recently (less than a week) launched a new game (2D Jockey Dash) to the play store with admob banners.
The concern is that I am getting CTR around 8-8.6% since last two days.
Is this normal? What should be the normal CTR?



For banners it’s too high assuming less than 120s refresh rate, check if the ads aren’t interfering with the interface (might be screen size/resolution dependent) and fix it because you might get banned. Anyway, the CTR should be below 4% I think for 60s refresh rate. Also are you on new or old admob? On old admob there were cases of fake click attacks, maybe they are at it again.

No worries, I´m having CTRs between 8 and 13% and that since months on various apps.

Guys, is it against AdMob policy to use a similar ad design to my layout? It’s not like the ad is hidden in my layout, you can still differentiate them, but it’s not like the ad is black on a white layout, it’s kinda “dark-white background with black text+green address”(this is the banner with text ad) on a white layout(my app screen) ? Not sure if somebody understood me what I meant to say :smiley:

Otherwise, why they’re offering to design the ad?

Look at the screenshot please. The list can be scrolled up and down, the ad stays in the same place. Waiting for your thoughts :slight_smile:

That’s tricky. Google is saying not to format the ads in a way that could let users think they are part of your app. Using same colors as your layout might get you intro trouble.

You might be right, I already changed it to a blue background so hopefully the ban-hammer will avoid me))

I am using old Admob. The CTR is steadily declining: now at 6%. The Ads are shown on top of the screen with no buttons around it. It is a new product so may be the ctr will get to normal in a few days with more users coming in! Thanks for the reply.

Dude, 6% ctr is low for a banner, are you on crack, that’s ridiculously high

I personally don’t think that google will care about the current placement or color scheme. If the ad was overlapping part of the interface, or close to other buttons in the app, then maybe, but it looks fine from my perspective. Google Adsense has always advocated that you should blend the ads into a website, complimenting it if possible. I can’t see why they wouldn’t have the same view on app placement since Admob is slowly becoming Adsense.

My average CTR is about 4.5% for a single banner on the new admob