High category/overall ranks - no installs increase?

Hello guys, happy to join this forum and hoping to learn a lot!

I have some iOS promo experience and tried to apply some appstore tactics to my android app, but obviously I am missing a lot.

So I got a lot of installs (paid) in several days and the users were all active. As a result the app started ranking in top 10 in my category and top 30 of what is called “overall” tops in many countries. Much to my disappointment, these ranks barely brought any installs.

I checked the app’s keywords ranks and they are pretty bad. Guess ASO is my next stop, but my question is:

what us your experience of category/top free ranks vs keyword ranks? What brings more users?

apple store brings tons of downloads with overall ranks, guess google play is not like that?

thanks in advance and sorry if this was posted before, I searched for threads but nothing seems similar.

Hi, can you give us a link to your app. I will analyze your app and let you know what you should work on.

Thanks for your generous offer!

However, rather than “shamelessly plugging” my app here I’m interested in people’s general experience-based opinions: are search keyword rankings “better” than overall/category ones? If anyone else has noticed that - great, I’ll know I’m on the right track thinking that, if not - I’ll know my app is off.

I agree with you that ranking does not increase the number of downloads. I just realized that after spending some money on incentive install. Seems to be ASO is the key.
I’m currently checking the apps in my category with keyword search and analyze the keywords in their descriptions. Some of the app developers use black hat or includes famous keywords in their descriptions.
Downloads and rating does not affect the ranking significantly but help little bit. For example, when you write “weather forecast”, you will see the below app in the top 250 of the US market. it has only 100-500 installs and a rating of 4. With more installs and rating, it would rank to the top keyword chart in no time.


Thanks Moheeb.

ASO, keywords and and the rest are definitely useful. And it seems that Google PLay users install more apps from keyword searches than from category ranks.

If anyone else has any insight on category ranks VS. keyword ranks please weigh in.

So I’m sure someone is gonna yell at me for asking this but I’m really new to all this so here goes… What does ASO mean and how can I improve my game’s visibility?
I’ll take Any help I can get. Thanks.

ASO means app store optimization, in other words, where you rank for any given keywords. I don’t see anything wrong with your aso and according to appannie your keyword rankings are really moving. If you want to see improvement in downloads you need to either buy dowloads to further increase those keyword ranking or do something else to increase your exposure.

Oh OK cool. Thanks a lot I’ll go check app Annie too.