High bootups but low impressions in chartboost, why?


Hi all, first post here :slight_smile:

anyway on my chartboost account it shows that im getting a reasonable number of boot ups but very few impressions, what could be going on?

Iv’e tried changing the minimum financial cost to the lowest possible, and that does seem to help, but I still get really low fill rates, and if the minimum is so low, I barely get paid for installs, how can I resolve this? I used to get about 98% fill I don’t know why it’s stopped suddenly.

From which countries do your downloads come from?

The install rate is spread over quite a wide range of countries, both developed and developing.

I suspect that perhaps because my ads haven’t been delivering a huge number of installs, maybe the companies buying ads have filtered out my programs. I hope not :frowning:

Hmm… it doesn’t really make any sense to me. I thought you probably got a lot of downloads from low tier countries with low fill rates or even China, where no ads are displayed.
I also use Chartboost and my impression and bootup curve is pretty similar between the range of 5000 and 100.000 impressions per day, despite a small impressions drop from ad blocking. I also don’t think you got filtered out, because 98% of ad campaigns are CPI based and low installs won’t effect their costs at all.

Im keen to get to the bottom of this. which countries have low and high fill rates?

oh wait, I found it.