higest paying ad-wall

Hello folks,

Which network has the highest pay per install using an app wall?


anyone can share their experience? :):slight_smile:


Impressions Clicks eCPM EPC CRT Revenue
25,521 2,185 $0.71 $0.01 8.56% $18.11

that’s not a lot… smartapp claims $0.50-5 per install
wizapp claims $0.50-$1 per install. you should be making $1-2k instead of $18

I just realized you ask about pay per install. I gave you different information. I can not really know how much i have been paid for install, but it is somewhere in between 0.5 -2.5 dollars per install.

well you have 2000 clicks so say that a quarter installs, that’s should be $500, is that what you made?

i would be happy with a eCPM of $2 ($50 revenue) but i wasgetting just $0.71 (18 revenue) instead… Thats why i removed it.

But I think you are too optimistic to assume that 25% of clicks will be transformed into installs, so $500 is too much to ask

Hi Guys,
Check out developer’s reviews on mobileCore’s eCPM here).

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Adding to the database - for last 7 days on Leadbolt HTML AppWall:

61,318 1,676 $0.81 $0.03 2.73% $49.65

So CTR is much lower - but EPC seems higher i.e. more users going through with actual app install from Google Play (after click on appwall).

How well does Airpush SmartWall compare to this (since in another thread they are claiming Airpush SmartWall revenues have climbed recently after their portal been updated and new advertisers).

I have noted both admob and leadbolt revenue has fallen last 7 days - and some said in another thread that is from end-of-quarter reduction in ad inventory etc.

Leadbolt HTML AppWall:
Views Clicks ECPM EPC CTR Revenue
6,556 86 $0.57 $0.04 1.31% $3.71

Getting $1.60 CPM on Airpush instead of $0.57

Got $9 using startapp with the same app at the same time…