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Hide Apps Highlights:
hide apps
hide video
hide photo


Once App installed it will ask bydefault homeview you need to choose i.e. for samsung Touchwiz Home to hidemyapp
Before review of hidemyapp please check demo video carefully!
– Can set different code for different apps…
– Hide apps photos videos email SMS …
– Support PIN lock and without PIN
– You can put different codes to all your apps for opening
– You can show regular app on Home Screen without hiding or secret code
– Support Android 2.x to 6.x

--How to enable PIN optional
Go to Setting->Select PIN, create new PIN
-Forget PIN
Select forget password answer questions
--How to hide app
On top select hide app it will show list of apps just select which app you want to hide
-How to enable secret codes
goto secret codes select app put your codes i.e 1234
--How to put any app to Home screen (Desktop)
put hold on any app it will ask add to home screen 1 or 2 just add it
- how to open any or hidden apps
goto our hidemyapp put code i.e 1234 (it will ask PIN if you enabled PIN)
*-*How to uninstall Hide My App
goto setting select uninstall it will uninstall our app