Hi! We created a DIY service that helps developers market their app on social media

Hey! We help developers get more exposure to a targeted social media audience through influencers (social media accounts that have influence over a large but targeted audience) to get you an initial boost in the Play Store. We have a flat rate of $3/1000 followers the influencer has starting from $75 for someone with 25,000 followers. You have complete freedom to choose who you want to promote your app and what you want them to say/when to post it etc. and you get to communicate directly with them. We just wanted to see what you guys thought about the usability and layout so we can make it better for you. Thanks!


Hardly DIY if it’s a paid service…

Being a lurker on various other SEO related forums, your prices are way over the odds. e.g. $370 for Master Cosmetologist and Blogger (Reach 120k+ on IG) .

The IG rate for “shoutouts” is more around the lines of 5 shoutouts in a day to an audience of 500k for $100. Yes it’s niche related but the prices are a tad overboard

Thanks for your feedback. The DIY service we provide enables app developers to browse through hundreds of influencers within the marketplace and view profiles and social media accounts prior to working with any influencer. We have created a convenient way for developers to find, hire and work with top influencers to create brand awareness through sponsored posts.

The average rate for an Instagram promotion for an influencer is $2-$4 per 1000 followers – this is the rate they are currently making for brand affiliations and promotions. We work with seasoned, curated influencers who are already being compensated for promotions with the rates they are able to command. Therefore, if an influencer has 500k followers she will charge anywhere from $1000 to $1500 for 1 promotion, not 5.

Does anyone have experience working with influencers to share some of the rates you have paid with us?? We are trying to decide if we set the rate at a flat $2 -$3 per 1000 or are app developers okay with the influencers setting their own rate – a rate they can command?

Thanks for your time!!