Hi, I'm clairegarth! Can anyone recommend software for computer tasks, or who can do an assesment?

My son has difficulty using his hands (widespread joint pain and stiffness) for computer tasks so uses a Head mouse called a GlasOuse which has a bite switch. This is good for clicking but he can’t right click so can’t copy and paste which he needs to be able to do for work. Is there other software which could help. He has tried eye tracking software but this was less good than the glasOuse…? He has also tried lots of other types of mouse and switches but repetive use leads to joint pain. Maybe you can recommend someone who can do an assessment or some other software? many thanks.

I’m sorry to hear about your son’s difficulties using his hands for computer tasks. It must be tough for him. Some software options might help with right-clicking, like enabling ““Sticky Keys”” or using ““AutoHotkey”” to customize mouse functions. These could be worth a try! As for an assessment, you might want to reach out to an occupational therapist or a specialist who can evaluate his needs and recommend personalized solutions. And hey, if you ever need a legit Windows key for any software changes or upgrades, you can find cheap Windows keys here. It’s always good to have a genuine operating system.

Have you considered exploring alternative software options like Assistive Technology software or custom mouse settings?

In terms of finding someone who can provide an assessment or recommend suitable software, you might want to reach out to local disability support organizations or consult with occupational therapists specializing in assistive technology. They can offer personalized recommendations based on your son’s specific needs.
Additionally, for affordable software solutions like Windows 11, you can check out cheap windows 11 key. It could potentially unlock additional features to enhance your son’s computer experience. I hope you find the right solution to support your son’s needs!