Anyone had any experience with HeyZap and can share it with us?

I’ve tried implementing heyzap in a few of my games. One thing I didn’t like about heyzap was that they put a notification icon in the users phone whenever you initialize it in your app. This got me a few bad ratings in the market for people who said I had push advertising. But it was heyzap that was putting the notification asking them to download the heyzap app. The way I overcame this was to only initialize the heyzap app if they clicked on the heyzap button, so it didn’t automatically put a notification up every time my app was started. Only if they wanted to click on heyzap. I’m not sure I even got much benefit out of heyzap, didn’t see a real increase in downloads.

that’s a good information, thanks for sharing

to be honest… I normally get unconfident, when such companies sending me a mail about how good it will be to partnership with them…

Likewise… no difference at all.