Hey guys

We are two person and want to launch a brand new ad network that will help to ecosystem of developers, enough competitive with other networks
Our priorities when creating the network are:

  • Anonymity. We won’t require W8 forms or sth like that.
  • Net3 Payouts. We won’t make wait nobody like 30 or 60 days.
  • Pay Per Install model.

What would you expect from us except of above?

We want this so much. Also I have a few concerns I should mention but see you later.


see you later too… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. Just a little hint on start: did you do a research in your country about how to deal with the tax office? I don’t know how it works in USA, but in most countries in Europe making such a business is a hell. And making a mistake means the fines disproportionate to the amount earned and jail. Net3 means a lot of operations on your bank accounts, and that is gonna tigger tax ofice’s action (yup, they can access that data if they want to).
You did not write if its incentivised or not and which ad formats you’ll use.

How do you think about your ad network site ? Actually do you have any PR with your ad network site ?
Is it scam site ?