Hey I am new here, just saying hello

Hey Im Peter Borshevsky!
I live in Tampa, Im developing my own app at the moment - It still does not have a name but I am working on it :slight_smile:
While I was searching the forums I noticed lots of foreign language (I believe Vietnamese), but I guess the majority of people here are English speakers…

Well anyhow, nice to meet you all… Hope to have a great time here! :cool:

nice to meet PeterB

hello PeterB

I don’t speak english but I can SHOUT it if I don’t get my beer.

Hellow Peter B…

Hello Peter, welcome to the board

nice to meet PeterB… me too I’m a pretty fresh member
have a nice day :cool:

Hello Peter and welcome.

My native language is not english too, but I think that it would be no problem for you as people here are from many different places around the world.
Have a time! I’m sure you can find very interesting thing in here :slight_smile:

Hello Peter, welcome to here~

Welcome to this forum, hope you will enjoy here getting the useful stuff.
From Current Version Plugin Google Update

Welcome here and enjoy!

Best of lick

Hello Peter B… Well come to the forum.