Hey Ad Networks ..

Hi ,
See I really like this industry as a developer and also as the whole idea of advertising through mobile …

The thing is I want a job in some ad network , what should I know or learn to get a job in some ad network ?

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Hi akour,
To answer your quesyion, I need to know 2 things:

  1. Are you looking for a position in programming/technical support etc, or Marketing/Biz-dev/sales? different skills for each type of position.
  2. What country do you live in? If you live in Israel, you’ll have quite a few options ;), but networks don’t don’t have offices in every country.

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and to answer your questions
1- I’m looking for Marketing /Business or Sales.
2 -and no I don’t live in Israel.

For Marketing/Business position, you need to have some experiece in sales/marketing and the understanding of campaign types (CPM, CPC, CPI, etc). With your experience as a developer, you may already know some or most of these terms.
You will also need some experience and knowledge of analyzing campaign reports and data (which you may already have), skills with working with microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and good English level.

If you don’t want to disclose the country you are coming from, onig me in private so I can you ad network offices in your city/country.

What is the average salary? :slight_smile:

No , I just ignored the country thingy cause I know there is no ad offices what so ever in JORDAN .

It’s really hard to generelize, but I’d say that for an Israeli ad network, for a standard marketing position (not for a senior position like VP), average monthly salary can be about $3,500-$5,500, depends on ther exact, job description, title, experience, seniority etc.

Unfortunately, you are right. Sorry :frowning:

But what I haven’t seen yet, is a mobile network dedicated to the arab world. Or the Middle East. Myabe Jordan, who is in good relationship with most of the Arab countries (as far as I know), is a good place to start this endevour :slight_smile:

Hello #akour

see this:

Join Us - Noqoush Mobile Media Group


well to be honest I was thinking about this since forever and since I’m a part of a startup… I know how hard to get investments for such an idea.

Hey pioneer,

thanks allot man I will send you my CV now.

Thanks :smiley: