Help with our new game´s name

Hey guys, i need you help!

We have been working for the last 3 months on a Match-3 type of game. You know, the typical game where you have to match 3 or more fruits/blocks/candies/whatever of the same type. But this one is not that typical because instead of matching equal pieces you have to match numbers (from 1 -6) to sum 7. This means you have to match 1/6 , 2/5, 3/4, 1/1/5, 2/2/3, 1/1/1/1/3… and so on, depending of the objective of the level. I attached a screenshot of the main screen so you can have a better idea of the game (its a couple weeks old though, but nothing significant has changed)

We chose a tentative name for the game: “Match 7” but i have been doing some keyword research and realize those terms “Match” & “7” are not popular at all, so i am trying to figure out a better name for the game.

¿How would you call it? ¿Why?

We will appreciate any suggestions and comments, thank you very much!

PD: i decided to post this thread under Marketing methods because i suppose the discussion will be about keywords and search optimization. Please move it to App development or any other sub forum if you think it fits best there.

Match 7 screenshot.jpg

This is the some name ,i can think
such as: Match puzzle,Number chalenge,Number rush, Crazy Number seven :slight_smile:

How about:

Math Crush Saga
Sum To 7
Rush To Number 7
Crush 7
Crush to Seven
Seven Ninja (!)

Not sure if this is a good keyword, but I thought it was catchy: “ADDiction”

Thanks for the suggestions , i like Crush 7 the most. But i am a little bit worried about the competition for Crush, it is very high. The popularity of the keyword seems to be high as well, but does it worth it?

Hehe very clever!

Not sure if we want to link it with anything related to Maths though, but thank you for the suggestion :wink:

Flappy 7 :wink:

I’m joking of course.

Maybe you should consider changing theme a bit? So instead of pretty generic rectangles, use something else and add number on top of that?
That way you can have:

  • bubble 7
  • seven jewels
  • seven fruits
  • seven birds eggs


That way you can use some more popular keyword in title.

Funny. In the same vein, how about:

7 Flappy Birds - where the boxes are birds (!)

Getting cornier:

7 bADD Birds
Magnificent Seven Boxes
flADDy Birds

adforandroidapps I don’t think it would be such a good idea to use different cases in letters… but surely liked your flADDy Birds :wink:

There is one more:

cADDy Crush Saga

I can give “King 7”.

Going a little bit further on this topic, would you recommend to translate the title to different languages or keep it in English? I still don’t know whats better; we translated the app name for 2 of our games but i didnt for other 2… cannot tell what worked better…

Nice question. I think into it many times.

I’m curious how everyone chooses names for their games in general.
Do you choose a name with popular words? The popular words will show up more often in searches, but because they’re so popular the game may get buried under all the games/apps in that search.
Or do you choose a more unique name? It’ll show up higher in a search because of the unique search terms, but you’ll get a limited number of people searching for those words.
How much thought should go into this?

@BaksaiApps, yes translation always helps.

Are you planning to release it for ios too?

Match Attack
Match Mania
Number Attach
Number Mania
Number Crunch

“7 Rush”
“7 Swap”
“Swappy 7”

Yeah, eventually :wink:

“Lucky Number Se7en”