Help understanding Request RPM

Ok guys im not far off being a novice and i have a few apps going built via andromo as i dont understand how to intergrate sdk etc but my best app is getting me around £60 per week via admob in reads

Impressinon in a week 137,840
Request RPM £0.46

Now I have added a new app and its been going around 5 days and info is

Impressions 13
Request RPM £8.99

Why on earth is request impression £8.99 what is this :confused:?

It’s a very small number of impressions. One or two clicks out of 19 impressions could give you that rpm. It’s common to see widely varying rpms for small number of impressions.

Agree with @XdebugX that the number of impressions is too small to have any statistical significance.

I’d say you need to wait until you get 1,000 - 10,000 impressions before you can start getting a rough idea of your RPM. You will still see RPM fluctuations but they will be much smoother.