Help! Regarding Android App Copyright Policies

Can we use copyright characters in android app or not ?
Example:cartoons, movie chracters, actor etc

I’d like to know this too. Hopefully someone will know.

YOU CANT use. Just only if you have the copyright owner.

Profiting from someone else’s hard work (designing the character and spending $$$ to get it to be recognizable) is called stealing is most of the modern world. That does not mean you cannot have a similar character… just be aware that too similar will invite DMCA takedown notices and other legal implications (even if it is changed ‘enough’ to not legally be a copy).

Old Cartoon Characters In the USA older than 75 years OLD can be used as they now become public domain, some public domain characters are Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, and a few others.

You may use if you got the permission, or you are the copyright owner, or it had become public domain. But I remember someone here in this forum get copyright issue even if using old public domain picture, so you may need explain to Google if the bot mistakenly thought you was using copyrighted images.

You can’t use any copyrighted characters! It includes any disney chars, cartoon, or even movie!
What you can use is royalty free images. You can find such royalty free images from shutterstock, fotolia or such sites.
Hope that helps.