Help! Please could you give me tips to choose the best ad networks for me!

Hi, I’m a iOS and android developer, recently I released an app for iOS which have some success, so I inserted a full screen interstitial ad when launching, a banner, and some buttons for monetizing it. Now there is a problem, I tried admob and I was really unsatisfied, so I changed to revmob which have better ecpm than admob(now I have 0,20$/1000 instead of 0,03$/1000 of admob). Unfortunately, since yesterday there are problems with the revmob dashboard, but my average amount of impressions/day is around 150000/200000, 3500/4500 clicks/day and 3/4 installs, so I’m earning around 40/50$/day. I searched on Google for info but I’ don’t understand very well which ad network is the best one in my case. I also read that my eCPM is much lower compared to others who are around even on 1$/day and I also don’t like the fact that revmob ads are always the same. Could you help me pls.

PM me for if you want better earnings!

hello @dowoski. You should try something different like Pollfish. Pollfish introduces a new interactive monetization method where it delivers surveys instead of ads. Pollfish provides minimal intrusion and high payouts. Have a look on Pollfish iOS Demo app. If you have any questions or concerns please drop me a message .

Hi dowoski,

No easy answer here, as there are a lot of network that fit you. appnext is one one them, and we are the only netowrk with a truely unique interstitial, with the ‘send by email’ function. But I’ll bet most of the networks you read about in this forum can do better ,not only appnext. Even much better. If I were you, I would implement 2-3 networks at the same time and test them, then go with the one producing the highet eCPM.

If you don’t know which ones to choose, read about the main networks that do interstitial in this forum (just ‘search’ them) to understand which ones that are worth trying.

Good luck!

You can try Start app -they have both IOS and android ads now - plus if i remember correctly if you start using their IOS SDK by the end of the month you get a bonus - $500, check with them on that thou