help me with a rating exchange please

Hi, I’d like a rating exchange to help my second app, it’s a quiz for English teachers to prepare to present TKT module 1

5 stars, g+1 and comment … please I promise I will do the same for your app.

TKT app

or if you are using your android device TKT app

thank you very much!

Done with comment: “So helpful. It helps me a lot to prepare for my English test”

Please help me to review this app:


Cool app I can see this will be of help

Please check out the app in my sig, thanks.



Good, very useful

here is mine:

thanks and good luck

5* g+ and commented - Helped me! very well done educational app!
heres my app

Please rate our game we rate yours.
check signature for links.

done!! thanks for your comment

Done my friend, thank you!

Hi friend,
Done for rate with 5*, G+, comment as name “kim wuchoong”

Please do same with:

Thank you.

I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “anvu nguyen”. Please do the same.