Help me What to do, Please Help :(

Hi Guys,

Before i was working as a Freelancer and now i decided to work on my own Android Games/Apps,Because when i join this forum i realize you guys can earn much, Im good working on Games, Recoding and Reskinning it, i got almost 20 apps live on Google playstore, and Sad to say I cant even get a Dollar per day with that, as of now i got almost 50 apps ready for uploading it, but i realize if i upload it and wont get even a Dollar per Day it was waste and better to sell it, By the way all apps was free and i use ADMOB on it, The average download of my apps was only 100-5000, I hope you guys can help me with this problem,

To be Honest some of Apps/Games ive seen here was not that good and i can say my Games/Apps was much better, I dont know why they can get more income than me, Since i started joining this Forum, i keep studying how to increase downloads on it, I also learn different Strategy of Marketing, But still I wont get better income,

I know it was about getting more downloads,cpm and getting more click on ads, So i want to know what you guys can advice me with it,

example games i have:

I want to know where i went wrong and what else i need to do, I do both marketing and Development so i keep working Apps/Games then once it was done, i do the marketing itself also, as of now i plan to keep on development until i get 100 apps, so when i get there i know what else to do,

Also i want to know how much download i need to get to earn couple of Dollar,

Please guys please help me with it,

First of all, you should change from admob to mobileCore. With such number of users and apps, you could have made more than what you made with sh*tty admob.

Next, you need to target users in developed countries as much as possible. Also, you should focus on increasing retention rate.

Importantly, 5000 downloads is not that much so try to get more downloads as much as you can through any means.

Regarding the number of downloads to get a couple of dollars, more downloads does not guarantee more revenue. Geo and where to show ads are very important!

It’s not admob or mobilecore…First you need to increase your username by house ads,self promotion,paid promotion. Once you get decent userbase and good DAU it will easy to make money…

Let me be clear: If you want to earn money, you need to level up your games. Games can and should be simple, but yours are really bad. Forget about these games, forget about that Slugterra mascot, which is horrible and whose name is terrible. If you want to make simple arcade games, use Ketchapp and Boombit as references. Otherwise you will lose your time and money

Thanks, i will do that, do you think it was okay to integrate admob, mopub and mobilecore at the same time with one app?and do you think How many Ads should i put on my apps, is it okay to integrate different ads on it like, ADMOB,MOPUB and etc

Thanks for your Help, im going to try my best to integrate Mobilecore on my Games

Base on my research here, Mostly people with good income was using this Mobilecore and mostly they said it was better than ADMOB, but for me, isnt about the ads itself because if you got more downloads and i think you got more income, anyway, i use this SLugterra name mostly on my simple games, because i use it as keyword, without marketing itself i can get even 200 downloads per day, But as you can see my other Slugterra game dont have the same download, thats why im working on some experiment, make better game and try if it earn, The question is.

1.)What is the best ads to integrate on my app? is it really Mobilecore?
2.) How many ads can i use on one APP?, is it okay to use different ads at the same time?,for example small banner is admob, interstitials mopub, FUll banner Mobilecore, etc…
3.)How many downloads do I need to get before i can get a sure $1 per day, or let say how many users i need?
4.)What are the thing i need to do and not to do? in making adding ads on APPS?

Thanks to your help all, i really appreciate your help, I hope everyone Tips and Advice will be given to me