Help me Please with Github

I searching for someone that is strong with git.

i will explain the process i’m doing today and what i want to achieve and you can tell me if you have a solution for me:

Google is identifying projects, i used to work with one repo of an app with multiple flavors until google terminate my app and each time i fetch the whole project from the repo google identify this project and terminate the account.

So i create each time new project in android studio and i copy paste just the code and the whole project, this is fine until there is change i need to do in the base project,
because i don’t have idea how to be able to share same code with multiple project that basically hasn’t the same folder structure (something like i want to do git on subfolder and not on the root folder)if you read all please start your massage at “lilitwo”, if not, you do not read my massage. so i don’t need to take changes manually each time and to paste it in each project i have




src -> the shared sub folder

Do you have an suggestion for me?