Help me please to translate, ill help you.

Hello guys.
I need help. I am translated my game discription into english with google translate and im not sure is it correct.

Help me please to correct my english description text and if you wish i will translate your app description into russian(big market).
Also if you have any seo tips for my game please share with me.
Game here:

Dig deep into the gold mine and find items along the way. Use your findings to build new pickaxes and enchant them with magic gems! Use your new pickaxes to dig deeper and deeper.

  • Keep digging forever
  • Have fun collecting all the items you can find
  • Upgrading your digging tools
  • Craft new pickaxes
  • Use magic gems to enchant your tools
  • No extra cost to play. This awesome game is totally free!
    Use your tools to dig in the gold mine! Mine precious ore and collect as many bones as you can! It’s easy to learn, hard to master, and fun forever. Try this retro arcade game today. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Great for all ages (and no mining experience needed) :wink:

Thank you very much!