Help me optimize my ad placement

I integrated admob 6 hours ago in my app and showing the result above interstitial has high eCPM. DO you think I should remove one of my banner? I think it is dragging the eCPM down… I’m not sure. lol

  • I have 3 activities, home page/activity has 2 banners(top&bottom) and one banner at the bottom for the rest.
  • 1 interstitial at exit…


Avoiding too many banners is always important. Not only it damages the revenue for other ads, but it also disturbs your users.

Let me suggest somethnig different - remove at least one of the banners and try to add another Interstitial during app launch. This location tends to make a very good eCPM (not always, but most of the time).

If you do decide to try it, don’t integrate Admob there. Try a different network, so you’ll get a good veriaty of creatives and offers. I would recommend that you use appnext of course, but there are other options as well - Mobile core, startapp, etc.

Good Luck!

Two banners on the same page is against AdMob ad policy!

Okay I removed it now… hehe Replaced it with interstitial as Jonathan suggested… :smiley:

Just keep one banner at bottom and one interstitial at exit ! that will be just fine :slight_smile:


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