!!!! Help Me Make a Decision !!!!!

  • Hi I’m a student, I just finished learning the basic of java :smiley: And I want to learn to develop games for android platform but I’m confused about should I use a game engine or not because I want to develop puzzles and educational like games .

  • I have read some posts in this forum that have very good information about game engines and I’ve liked libgdx very much .

  • My question is should I develop using android sdk or should I use a game engine (I’m worried about the performance and the time of development of the app) ? is a game engine too much for developing that type of games ? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks in advance for your help :smiley:

I’ve thought that I’ll found help in this forum, I’m kind of disappointed :frowning:

Use game engine:libgdx -java,cocos2dx -c++ or unity 3d.

Because you just finished learning basic you should try libgdx or Andengine both are good.

Since you have not learnt Android yet then definitely game engine.
If you learnt Android then would’ve been diff story

Thank you all ( @hanfoosh @taimur97 @vbodzio ) for the reply and the help :wink: and I think I’ll go with libgdx .

can you please @hanfoosh explain further what you mean by diff story ?

Because if you know the android sdk, then I wouldve asked what typed of game. If it is not heavy action type or lots of graphics ( say cards game, chess, shooting) then you can do that with sdk rather than learning new engine. Plus you have more control of the android app as you are dealing with API directly.

If not, then an engine will get you starting quicker for sure

@hanfoosh thanks for the explanation I appreciate it :smiley:

Well, I would say because you have just finished learning means it would be much much better to first start with the basics i.e. starting with the eclipse and later on when you start understanding all of the … then you can made a switch over to the unity 3d, cococs… etc game engines !