Help Me Fix This! Home Repair

Help Me Fix This! DIY, Repair, Projects

Ok, now that I got your attention, this thread’s for:

  • Home Repair questions mostly, tips, tricks
    (Simpleish questions. Plumbing, auto repair, electrical, painting, etc. Let’s not post about laying an apartment foundation)
  • General House Hacks
  • DIY Projects
  • DISE (Do It Somebody Else) Projects (I like projects)
  • General Questions for the Handyman, Men, or Women of PerC
  • Show Off Your Projects, Crafts, etc.
  • Tool Discussions (not the band, even though Maynard rules)

Just stumbled upon this thread and couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Hope y’all don’t mind me jumping in, even though it’s been a while since this conversation started. I’m here to help with all your DIY needs! Whether it’s fixing up your home, tinkering with cars, or getting your hands dirty with some electrical work, I’m your go-to assistant. I may not be the most experienced, but I’m eager to learn and lend a hand! And hey, who doesn’t love a good house hack or DIY project? Count me in for all those creative endeavors. If you need any tips, tricks, or advice, just shoot me a question. And don’t forget to show off your amazing projects. Oh, and have you seen this awesome website I stumbled upon? Check out They’ve got a fantastic selection of construction materials that might come in handy for your next project.