Help me find problem on Gingerbread

Hi Guys,

After one of my recent updates I have noticed in the Google Play’s stats that number of uninstalls of my games increased significantly. After some digging looks like the increase is isolated to Gingerbread. Practically 90% of Gingerbread users are uninstalling the app so there must be something fundamental going on.
I don’t have any phone running it at hand and couldn’t see anything wrong in the simulator. Can anyone try the game and let me know if there’s something weird happening?

Looks like any phone running Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 will do.
Here’s a link to the game (it’s free):

Help would be much appreciated!
My current installs / uninstalls ratio is awful and I can’t understand what’s the problem.

Hi Max,
I tested on LG P350 with Gingerbread 2.3.7 (Cyanogenmod) and it’s working fine.
Are you using Flurry? You normally can see errors with Flurry.


Thanks Gabriele

I’m pretty sure it’s not crashes, less than 0.1% of sessions end up crashing according to Furry. It must be something with the functionality.

Hi Max,
Maybe it’s not the case but I found really annoying when I click menu end game and you give just 2 choices : rate or score.
Maybe you should give the possibility to just exit.

That’s a good feedback, thanks.
Not specific to Gingerbread though so the mystery still unresolved :frowning:

Yeah, have you checked the most common device?
Maybe it just a coincidence Gingerbread. It’s probably the most common android version.

No, nothing stands out. The patter is clear only when clustering by OS.

Hi Max,
it’s just an idea but Do you know what happen if I have your game installed and I upgrade my OS?
You are talking about Gingerbread that is actually the most common Android version but now most of the devices are receiving Android 4.0 I think.
Is it detected by Google Play as uninstall?

Yes, that crossed my mind as well. I would certainly like to believe so :slight_smile:
I noticed one additional thing that possibly makes this theory credible - Google Play shows stats not only for my apps but also for the entire category. And percentage of 2.3.x vs all users for installs and uninstalls is pretty similar. Much higher uninstalls than installs.

One thing that still doesn’t fit is that this change happened quite quickly - there’s a sharp change on a particular date. And it coincidences with a big update of the app. Could it be a coincidence?

In general in early August my uninstall rate increased by 60%. What’s interesting number of installs increased by a similar amount (in absolute numbers). Like if 2/3 of users just uninstalled and installed again. This didn’t change much in daily active users growth but is impacting my installs/uninstalls ratio quite significantly. Now it’s around 80% which is quite bad.

Anyone seeing anything similar in your stats?

Hi Max,
to be honest for my game the stats are even more strange.
I release version 0.13 but I still have half users on 0.12 and even quite few users on 0.11.
I don’t know how to explain that.
It looks like they are in active users but they are not upgrading my game. It’s maybe because I added a new permission for scoreloop and that doesn’t do the upgrade automatically.
I think we can trust only Flurry or AppBrain statistics. :slight_smile:

I tried you app on my android 2.3 droid Bionic. It ran great, nice app btw.

I think that the reason uninstalls are mostly from android 2.3 is because that’s still the os on the majority of devices. All my apps show about 60% uninstalls are from 2.3.

Yes, but what’s the ratio of installs/uninstalls on 2.3? For me it’s nearly 100% and that’s what I’m trying to figure out.