Help me find a purse

I legit haven’t had a real purse in years and years. I have clutches I use when going out but no real day to day purse. I have had diaper bags for a long time but now need a real purse and wallet. I have been just using my phone with a wallet case but that is no longer working. Any ideas for me? I want to spend $300 or less on a purse if possible. Need a good day to day to put wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses and random kid crap.

Totally understand you. I actually use my laptop bag as a wallet because I take my laptop everywhere I go. Anyway, LMK if you find anything cool.

I think getting a bag or at least a laptop bag may be even an better option. They’re spacious to fit all your essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and even random kid stuff.

But if you still want a purse, I think you should check out for some options. Anyway, let us now what you choose eventually.