Help Beta test a new web analytics service

Hey Everyone,

Over the past few months or so I’ve been working on a service that I think a lot of people on the forums here might be interested in.

To make a long story short, I got a bit frustrated while attempting to track clicks, hits, installs etc. while advertising a few apps I created. The service I came up with is an analytic focused url click tracking service. Think + Google Analytics. The service can shorten urls and track details about who clicks on them. You can use your own domain name for tracking as well. I have fancy graphs and a real-time click viewer.

I think there’s a lot of uses for something like this (auditing advertising, track twitter clicks, etc), my personal use case was/is for Reddit Advertising. If you’ve ever seen their advertising interface, it give you 0 metrics what-so-ever.

Anyways, I would really like to get some people to kick the tires a bit before I open this up to the general public. If you are interested in becoming an early beta tester, send me a PM here and I will reply with a sign-up link. The service is 100% free to beta testers.

To read a bit more you can head to the home page: Taveo Homepage