[Help] Advertise Network explain

Hello all ,i’m new to android Dev , i’ve ever make 3 app and i’m winning pretty nothink (number of imprssion is to low…)
but im wondering , i saw poepple talking about 2 advertise network on they app ,
some was talking about admob + startapp for exemple
Im actually using only startapp with banner and inertials , so when i see poepple talking about 2 advertise network ,
Thats confusing me :confused:(so much)
I would like to know how can poepple use 2 advertise network , how they add it and also if its allowed please ?
Thank you in advance :rolleyes:

they use mediation - you may find more info about it by searching that term, so you get results in your language :slight_smile:

but just to mention: an app which does not generate much money will not generate more money if you use different (or more) ad networks. Mediation only makes sense to improve your fill rate - or - to make use of the inventory with the current highest eCPM.

Hey @Ralrigs. Of course use two networks within your app, even the same time without being too intrusive to the user. I attach a screenshot of how for example you can use Admob with Pollfish.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 2.38.53 PM.jpg

ok thanks you for your answer , its starting to be more clear ill take a look on mediation , thank you all :wink:

You don’t even have to go down the mediation route if it sounds like too much too soon. You can just split different ad units between different ad networks.

A good example would be:
-Admob banners
-StartApp Splash ad (at launch)
-Admob interstitial ad (at exit)
-“More Apps” button that opens mobilecore/AppNext offerwall.

ok Thank you , more apps button is a very good idea :wink: ill check that too